Your mental health also impacts the health of the body. When depression, anxiety and other disorders develop, they can also lead to physical pain and other symptoms that can make it even more challenging to manage the condition.

At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we understand the importance of uniting the mind, body, and spirit into a state of optimal health. As a component of our intensive outpatient program, we incorporate services geared to improving physical health and wellness as well as mental health therapies. One of the services we provide is cupping therapy.

Based on ancient Chinese medicine, cupping therapy is designed to increase the energy flow throughout the body to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Energy known as qi is vital for the health and function of all the major organs of the body, and when the flow of qi is obstructed, illness, disease and pain can be the result.

Cupping utilizes small glass cups that are placed directly on the skin to suction away toxins that block qi in various areas of the body. Cupping is an effective treatment for both acute and chronic pain and can also relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.



Most of our clients undergo cupping as a means of relaxing tense muscles and easing pain. It is also used for some skin conditions, digestive issues and lung disorders. See a breakdown of the common benefits of cupping from Pacific College.

As a component in a mental health treatment program, cupping may effectively relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety while reducing the stress that frequently accompanies these conditions. Our clinicians may recommend combining cupping with other modalities like yoga, acupuncture or massage therapy to maximize the benefits to our clients.


While pain reduction and relaxation are often primary goals of cupping therapy, the benefits of the treatment may be much more far-reaching. Some of the potential advantages of undergoing cupping sessions might include:

  •      Enhanced complexion
  •      Improved digestive function
  •      Easier breathing
  •      Strengthened immune system
  •      Increased blood flow
  •      Reduced blood pressure
  •      Increased energy levels

Our clinicians will evaluate your situation, concerns and symptoms to help you determine whether cupping therapy will be a useful part of your IOP.

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cupping treatment


Cupping is not a one-size-fits-all therapy; there are a variety of techniques that allow the clinician to customize the treatment for each client. Options might include:


Glass jars are heated inside before they are placed on the skin. The cooling of the glass creates the suction effect that draws blood to the skin’s surface. At the same time, connective tissue is loosened, which activates the body’s natural healing processes. The treatment may take anywhere from five to 20 minutes, depending on the severity of the client’s symptoms.


During this therapy, the cups are applied and then moved about the treatment area. Massage oil may be used to ensure a smooth gliding process. Also known as sliding cup therapy, the technique is especially therapeutic for treating muscle tension, stress and pain.


The wet cupping technique increases the detoxification effects of the therapy by drawing blood out through a small prick in the skin. The method is frequently recommended for treating inflammatory disorders.

When the cups are removed from the skin, they leave marks behind that are known as “sha.” The discoloration is not a bruise and is not uncomfortable. Instead, it represents the toxins that have been pulled to the surface of the skin, detoxifying the treatment area. The cupping treatment is typically comfortable and often gentler than other forms of therapy used for pain and tension. Clients often experience relief from symptoms immediately following their treatment session, which will continue to improve in the following days.


At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we understand mental health is closely intertwined with physical health. As a part of our IOP, we offer a variety of wellness services like cupping therapy to help our clients achieve optimal physical health as they work through issues or challenges in their lives. If you would like to learn more about the services offered through our IOP, contact Avalon Integrative Wellness today at 1-888-266-9048!


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