Wellness Services

At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we use a broad spectrum of treatments and therapies to address the concerns and conditions of our clients. Estella Matheu, executive director of Avalon, explains, “The reason for blending traditional treatment and spiritual treatment is to bring clients into present moment awareness, forming a healthy mind-body connection. It allows individuals to focus on the present without judgment, allowing thoughts to exist without responding to them from an emotional place. As clients learn this modality, they are better equipped to manage shifts in emotional states that would otherwise threaten to derail the recovery process that could potentially threaten the state of their mental wellness.”

Some of the therapies offered include emotion-focused therapy, cupping, IV vitamin therapy, acupuncture, and neurofeedback. Other activities at our facility include hiking, somatic experiencing, breathwork, narrative groups and sound bath therapy. Behaviors clients will re-learn through these therapies might be a greater sense of serenity, emotion regulation, improved decision-making skills, and enhanced emotional intimacy. Clients will also experience a paradigm shift in thoughts and mood swings while connecting positively to their life’s purpose. Treatments are useful for all clients, including those suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), anxiety, depression or trauma.

Choices in Wellness Services

We offer many different wellness services at Avalon Integrative Wellness, which clients can choose to use individually or as a part of a broader treatment program:

Wellness and Vitamin Drips

IV hydration therapy offers the most effective way to provide vital nutrients to your body for both preventative purposes and to treat current ailments. Through infusions administered in a relaxing, spa-like environment, you will receive relief from sore muscles, chronic pain, low energy and a host of illnesses. Essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants are delivered into your bloodstream to remedy many ailments and to enhance overall health and well-being.

Massage Therapy

This treatment can be used both to treat specific concerns and promote relaxation and greater health of the body overall. At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we provide different massage techniques depending on the needs of each client. Proven therapies include Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue and detox massages. Choose from different durations and treatment schedules to reap the most significant benefits from this treatment modality.


This process is based on ancient Chinese medicine that focuses on opening up energy flow, also known as qi, to promote greater health and wellness to the entire body. Very narrow needles are inserted into the treatment area in a strategic placement that addresses pain and other symptoms. As qi is restored, the body is detoxified, the blood flow improves, and the body’s natural healing abilities are stimulated. Like massage therapy, clients can select the frequency of their acupuncture treatments to ensure the best possible outcome.


Increasingly used by professional athletes, cupping has been proven to relieve pain by increasing the flow of energy throughout the body. Small glass cups are placed on the treatment area where they administer gentle suction to draw out impurities from the body and improve energy flow. This process relieves chronic pain, acute muscle aches and improves circulation.

Psychiatric Services

At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we offer private psychiatric assessments, medication management, treatment planning, second opinion appointments and complete psychiatric services for adults age 18 and older. We focus on treating the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. By taking a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment, we believe that quality mental health care delivered by a compassionate and skilled staff is what sets us apart from other psychiatric and wellness providers.

Our wellness services can be used separately or combined to create a full treatment plan based on our client’s unique situation. You have the choice of scheduling the occasional massage or acupuncture treatment as needed or investing in a complete treatment program over a period of weeks. Our experienced staff will work with you to find the best schedule and treatment plan for you. To learn more about our services, contact Avalon Integrated Wellness today at 888-266-9048.