Testimonials From Our Clients

Here’s what our clients are saying about Malibu Integrative:

“I have consistently felt welcomed and supported in the community here.” – HB

“[My therapist] at Malibu Integrative was there for me, even when I didn’t think I wanted help. She didn’t force me to talk either, which I appreciated.” – SC

“I really enjoyed my time at Malibu Integrative. The staff and clients are focused and supportive. The therapists do a good job of leading, guiding and making the most of the time in groups. The activities are well-organized and safe. I look forward to IOP when I wake up in the morning.” – CD

“Malibu Integrative has helped me find myself. They have taught me a new way of life and to see that I have a life worth living. I know so much about myself. I know how to be mindful, which was something I have always looked for. Here’s to a bright future. Thanks, Malibu Integrative!” – LP

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In a self-assessment, Malibu Integrative clients reported the following results upon discharge:

  • Depression: 58.6% decrease in symptoms
  • Anxiety: 35.6% decrease in symptoms
  • OCD: 56.4% decrease in symptoms
  • PTSD: 41% decrease in symptoms
  • Drug/Alcohol Cravings: 64% decrease in symptoms

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