Love and Intimacy Groups

As relational creatures, humans have a deep-seeded need for love and intimacy with others. When those relationships do not develop as hoped – or they break apart after they are formed – the psychological and emotional impacts can take their toll. For those that are unable to create healthy relationships with others, the pain of isolation can be intense and debilitating. Love and intimacy issues can play an integral role in other problems like mental health conditions and substance use disorders, affecting a person’s ability to heal and move forward.

The team at Avalon Integrative Wellness understands the critical importance relationships play in our lives and provides clients with the ability to overcome obstacles that prevent them from having the intimacy with others they desire. Our love and intimacy groups are designed to address a myriad of issues that can significantly impact relationships, giving our clients a safe place to explore those problems and overcome them. Love and intimacy groups are offered as a component of our intensive outpatient program or IOP.

What do Love and Intimacy Groups Entail?

The love and intimacy groups at Avalon Integrative Wellness focus on developing healthy relationships to support mental health stability and relapse prevention. Through the exploration of a variety of topics and issues, our clinicians can help clients identify and overcome problems and disorders that interfere with healthy relationships.

Topics Covered in Love and Intimacy Groups

A variety of topics might be covered during a love and intimacy group, including but not limited to:

Attachment Disorders

This disorder is characterized by an inability to form healthy relationships with others. It usually begins in childhood and can often be attributed to physical or emotional abuse or neglect. This condition is a severe clinical disorder that requires intensive treatment to increase the possibility of a successful outcome.

Intimacy Disorders

These disorders make it difficult for individuals to form relationships on an intimate level. The disorder may be emotional, sexual or a combination of the two. Many people with intimacy disorders also struggle with social anxiety disorder, which must also be addressed for treatment to be effective.

Healthy Boundaries

To enjoy healthy relationships, people need to know how to set healthy boundaries. However, many do not learn this skill in the early years, and it affects their ability to form positive bonds with others as an adult. By discovering this skill, our clients can go far in enhancing their relationships and their quality of life.

Healthy Communication

Communication is another vital skill in the formation of positive relationships. By helping our clients understand the process of communicating with others in a healthy way, they can deepen their bonds with others and form new ones with a strong foundation.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This form of talk therapy is an effective method for helping our clients overcome a variety of relationship and intimacy issues. We offer CBT both in a group setting and in our one-on-one therapy sessions to help our clients identify unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and replace them with positive alternatives.

Maladaptive Relationship Patterns

A maladaptive schema is one that usually develops in childhood and carries over to the adult years. Because it forms a pattern, individuals may see the same problems play out in multiple relationships, making them think they can never have healthy intimacy with another person. By identifying the schema, our clients can learn coping mechanisms to break the maladaptive patterns and form favorable bonds with others.

Love and Sex Addictions

Both these addictions are characterized by obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive actions. In the case of sex addiction, the individual’s need for sexual encounters becomes disruptive to their daily life and may prompt dangerous or risky behaviors to continue to achieve a “high.” With love addiction, the seduction produces the “high” for the person. In other cases, the individual struggling with love addiction may cling to relationships or become obsessed with the significant other. We help our clients understand these addictions and the triggers so that they can experience healthier relationships in the future.

Love and Intimacy Groups at Avalon Integrative Wellness

Because many of our clients dealing with mental health disorders and addictions also face intimacy issues, the staff at Avalon Integrative Wellness offers love and intimacy groups as a component of our IOP. We understand that the best way to address these types of problems is on a variety of levels, which is why we include a myriad of therapies and services that can be geared to the needs of our clients. To learn more about the programs at Avalon Integrative Wellness, contact us today at 888-266-9048.