Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based tool used in therapy to guide a client into a naturally-occurring, trance-like state, or a state of deep relaxation and concentration. In this state, clients can turn their feelings and attention inwards to find helpful resources within themselves. These resources can help them make positive changes to their lives and regain control in specific areas. This treatment is effective in assisting clients to use their mental abilities to manage painful emotions, resolve issues, restore relationships and even achieve goals.

Hypnotherapy is the process of bringing the conscious and subconscious minds back into a state of harmony and balance. The conscious mind is the part that uses analysis, calculations and logical reasoning to perform daily tasks. The subconscious mind is responsible for storing memories, perceptions, belief systems and habits. At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we employ varying techniques in hypnotherapy as a part of our comprehensive, intensive outpatient treatment or IOP.

What does Hypnotherapy Treat?

Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for managing challenging emotions, controlling unwanted habits or behaviors and resolving psychological issues. The treatment may help clients:

  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce overeating
  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Reduce their Anxiety
  • Eliminate their Depression
  • Cope with trauma
  • Reduce cravings for illicit substances

The professional staff at Avalon Integrative Wellness believes in creating a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan for each client based on specific needs, diagnoses and desired outcomes. We will provide a thorough evaluation at the start of your IOP to determine whether hypnotherapy would be a beneficial component in your treatment plan.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

For the right clients, hypnotherapy provides a myriad of potential benefits:

  • May be used for a wide range of mental health concerns and addictions
  • Allows for in-depth exploration of subconscious thoughts and emotions
  • Offers additional insight into issues, addictions and other obstacles
  • Helps clients alter harmful ways in which they think, feel or behave
  • Few risks associated with hypnotherapy administered by qualified, experienced clinician

How it Works

There are different methods of hypnotherapy that may be recommended, depending on the client’s specific situation:

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

During suggestion therapy, the therapist provides suggestions to the client to help stop unwanted behaviors or negative thoughts and feelings. This method can also be used to reinforce positive behaviors and manage chronic pain in some clients. The goal of this therapy is to promote a change in thought processes or actions and can be particularly beneficial in treating addictions, quitting smoking and building confidence or motivation.

Analysis Hypnotherapy

This method of hypnotherapy is usually recommended when there are deep-seeded issues that need to be identified before they can be treated. The goal of this therapy may be to discover the root of a mental health condition or addiction, rather than focusing only on the visible symptoms. It is often referred to as regression therapy because it delves into the client’s past to find information that can be helpful in the treatment process.

Hypnotherapy at Avalon Integrative Wellness

Avalon Integrative Wellness seeks to meet the needs of our clients on a variety of levels, which is why there are many service options included in our IOP. Our experienced team will perform a thorough assessment of your mental health issues and other challenges as we strive to create a plan that will produce the greatest possible benefit. To learn more about hypnotherapy or the other services we provide, contact Avalon Integrative Wellness today at 888-266-9048.