Breathwork is a powerful yet gentle therapy that utilizes different methods of breathing to improve mental, spiritual, and physical health. Breathwork therapy supports clients in achieving self-awareness and self-healing, often on a deeper level than can be achieved through other treatment modalities. During this treatment, the clinician guides the client through a series of breathing exercises designed to produce a superior state of relaxation that allows the individual to explore memories or feelings and release them to attain a state of peaceful acceptance.

At Avalon Integrative Wellness, we provide breathwork as a component of our comprehensive, intensive outpatient program or IOP. When combined with other modalities such as talk therapy, yoga and acupuncture, we can help our clients achieve a higher state of mental, emotional and physical health. Our professional team will thoroughly assess your concerns and condition before treatment to determine whether breathwork would be a useful addition to your personalized plan.

What does Breathwork Treat?

Breathwork therapy is helpful in treating many conditions and issues, including the following:

  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Physical Pain
  • Grief
  • Emotional Pain
  • Stress

This treatment offers a safe and comfortable way for clients to explore past experiences and events to release negative feelings and thoughts that might be associated with them. At the same time, positive affirmations replace the negative thoughts to produce a more constructive, productive approach to current issues and obstacles in their lives.

Benefits of Breathwork in an IOP

Breathwork is a positive addition to an IOP for many of our clients, offering some of the following benefits:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relief from physical symptoms
  • Improved sleep
  • Stable emotions
  • Enhanced mood
  • Greater mind-body connection

Benefits can be seen whether the therapy is performed in a group setting or individually. All of the breathwork sessions at Avalon Integrative Wellness are facilitated by an experienced clinician to ensure the treatments are both safe and effective.

Types of Breathwork Therapy

Different types of breathwork therapy might be employed to achieve the desired results:

Holotropic Breathwork

The goal of this modality is to produce a wholeness connection of mind, body, and spirit. Meetings are typically performed in a group setting, and discussion takes place afterward to help participants integrate what they learned during breathwork into their daily lives.

Clarity Breathwork

The focus of this breathwork session is to identify and address any obstacles prohibiting the free flow of energy and breath throughout the body. Participants learn how to release emotional hinderances during the session. There is usually a discussion before the breathwork to help identify past experiences and present concerns so that they can be addressed during the meeting.

Biodynamic Breathwork

Treatment sessions using this technique are generally recommended for clients that have experienced some past trauma that is impacting them physically, emotionally and mentally. By restoring balance to the systems, participants can promote the body’s natural healing systems. Other modalities may be incorporated into the session, including movement, sound, and touch.

Rebirthing Breathwork

During these sessions, participants learn to release energy blockages that have occurred due to past trauma. It is based on the premise that all human beings suffered trauma during the birth experience and by relieving the tension of the previous event, individuals may find real inner peace.

How it Works

A breathwork therapist at Avalon Integrative Wellness will guide participants through various breathing techniques while the process stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Multiple patterns of breathing, sometimes accompanied by soft music, are performed in a safe and harmonious environment. The breathwork process is based on conscious breathing that connects an inhale, and an exhale with no pauses between each. No other therapeutic expression needs to happen simultaneously for this treatment to be successful. The client is then able to let go of any blocking emotions that get in the way of working on real-life issues. Studies show that breathwork therapy can work well for those who have tried other types of treatments that did not bring about the desired results.

Breathwork as Part of the Avalon Integrative Wellness IOP

Breathwork is just one of a variety of treatment modalities available through the IOP at Avalon Integrative Wellness. When you arrive at our facility, our staff provides a comprehensive assessment to determine which therapies might meet your needs best. Through this evaluation, we can help you discover a higher level of mental and physical health and superior quality of life overall. To learn more about our program, contact Avalon Integrative Wellness today at 888-266-9048.