What Are Some Healthy Communication Tools Every Couple Needs?

Every healthy relationship involves boundaries and healthy communication strategies, but many times we are denied these fundamentals as we grow up seeing family or friends communicate in unhealthy ways. If we’ve witnessed physical and/or emotional abuse as a child, we may develop similar patterns of behaving as we get older. Of course, this perpetuates a negative cycle – and can lead to a continuation of mental health concerns. As part of your wellness journey, it’s important to hone in one healthy communication tools that you may not have been shown growing up – you now have the opportunity to learn and grow, increasing your potential for healing and happiness.

Oprah once said, “Great communication begins with connection…when we recognize those needs in ourselves, we can better understand them in others, and that’s when we can set aside our judgments and just hear.” 

Much of building a healthy relationship is working together, as a team. There are a number of tools that can be used to build this, including:

  1.     Get to know one another every single day. You may think you know everything about your loved one, but humans are complex, and we grow and change – there is always something to learn.
  2.     Understand that your significant other is human, and they will make mistakes. If you can release expectations of perfection for yourself and others, your relationship will be able to run much more smoothly.
  3.     Allow each other to disagree. It’s natural that you’ll each have your own viewpoints at times, and you both don’t have to agree on everything together. Learn to respect these differences.
  4.     Listen to each other. One of the biggest complaints that couples have is that they don’t feel heard by one another – listen intently to your partner and care about their concerns, because they directly affect your relationship.
  5.     Try to view things from your partner’s perspective. In doing this, you can develop more compassion and the ability to work better with your loved one.
  6.     Make important decisions together. Never go out on a limb and make major life choices by yourself – as a team, you should rely one another.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and it does take time to find the best communication style that works for both of you. The tools listed above serve as a great framework for building on a lifelong love and friendship – use them wisely.

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