Self Care Outings For Stress Management

Stress has a funny way of throwing your body into fight or flight mode to the point that you don’t even remember what used to help you calm down. Anxiety, exhaustion and difficulty with thinking clearly are just a few signs you are struggling with practicing self care. To help you get back on track with your mental health, try enjoying one of these self care outings that promote relaxation.

Go For a Walk Outside

Out of all of the stress relief activities out there, going for a walk outside is one of the best. Walking is a simple form of physical activity that helps to increase the amount of endorphins released by your body. These feel good hormones combined with the tranquility of nature help you to achieve an instant sense of peace. If you walk regularly for stress management purposes, then try going somewhere new or increasing the difficulty with a hike to maximize the benefits for your mind.

Hit the Gym

Sometimes, you just need a heavy workout to burn off all of the pent up negative emotions that develop during stressful times. Whether you work off your anger on the basketball court or prefer to dance it out during a cardio class, a visit to your gym is simple enough to squeeze in to even the busiest schedule. You can also increase the benefits of this outing by working out with a friend or joining a class so that you add an element of social interaction.

Head to the Water

Water has soothing qualities that send signals to the brain that it is time to de-stress. While a hot bath can always work in a pinch, it is better to do something outside that allows you to also soak up the healing rays of the sun. If you live near a local beach or lake, then head there to enjoy some meditation on the shore. You can also visit a local water garden, fountain or stream. Listening to the sound of running water has a calming effect on your brain waves that increases feelings of positivity.

Take a Painting Class

Creative activities help you to get into a zone where all of your worries just disappear. Check your local community events calendar to find a painting class or other creative activity that allows you to make art in a social setting. Seeing what you create can give you confidence, and you’ll feel better after spending an hour or two with nothing else to think about but the act of creation.

Check Out the Local Farmer’s Market

A visit to your local farmer’s market allows you to connect with nature and people, which are two important ways to practice stress management. During your time at the farmer’s market, you can also pick up fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants that help ease inflammation that occurs in your body during times of stress.

Visit Someone Who Cares

Self care outings can be as simple as getting out of your house to go visit someone else. Ideally, the person that you visit should be supportive and someone who leaves you feeling better after every conversation. Whether you visit your best friend or mother, consider also going out for lunch. As you eat and talk together, pleasure centers in your brain are activated that help you to eliminate feelings of stress.

As you make your list of outings to take for self care, remember that even minor stressful events add up. Be sure to carve out a little extra time during your week to get out of the house and focus on cultivating a calmer mindset.

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