Improving The Mind-Body Connection: 7 Amazing Steps That Will Boost Your Health

When you hear the words harmony, balance, happiness, truth, spirituality, wisdom, thinking, speaking, actions, and love, what comes to mind? Some say that the greatest fulfillment we can have in life is achieving full mind-body connection, but there is often debate as to whether this is really that important. Graduate of Harvard University and author of his book titled “The Biological Mind”, explained the importance quite simply with National Geographic. He stated,

“There are some aspects of what makes you you that are probably fully embedded in the brain, such as episodic memory of things that happen…but when you think about what makes a person a person…one of the primary things is personality.”

Just as you can get sweaty palms when you’re anxious or you can develop depression after a sports injury, your mind and body are interrelated. They depend on one another. What you feed your mind, you feed your body – and vice versa. To clarify, here are a few examples:

  • Body to mind: Eating unhealthily with highly processed foods consecutively has been shown to contribute to symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Mind to body: Ruminating over painful events could cause you to develop a stomachache, muscle tension, neck pain, headaches, and more.

For many of us, the mind-body connection gets placed on the backburner as we so eagerly chase after what we feel will make us happy (love, success, money, etc.). The most unsettling part of this is that we already have everything we need to be happy – right here in our very bones. There are several ways you can jumpstart your mind-body connection, starting today:

  1. Practice mindfulness.
  2. Realize the beauty in small moments.
  3. Evoke positive emotions within yourself, allowing feelings of happiness, love, and gratitude to fill your lungs and heart.
  4. Eat nutritious food, keeping your mind and body as priority
  5. Assess your activities each week, focusing on your work, home, social, and online life. Determine what needs to be shortened in order to get the space you need to really embrace your moments.
  6. Make agreements with yourself as to what you need, and make a sincere effort in meeting those goals. You’ll be happy you did!
  7. Listen to your body whenever decisions are being made – does it feel right? If not, allow yourself to take a step back and breathe.

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