Can Creative Writing Help With Anxiety?

With so many thoughts racing, it may feel as if your mind is on a rollercoaster, with no end in sight. Convoluted thought patterns can cause us to feel forever entrenched, almost as if we’re searching for an escape to a maze that we can never get out of. Anxiety can be debilitating, and, if untreated, can leave us reaching out in unhealthy ways (such as through avoidance, self-harm, substance abuse, etc.) to cope with distressing symptoms. Creative processes have become more prominent in recovery and wellness programs, allowing us to delve into more intricate processes of self-discovery and exploration. Anxiety involves a plethora of worries and concerns, and creative writing provides an open opportunity to address these issues in both overt and covert ways.

Contrary to popular belief, creative writing doesn’t have to focus on one particular problem at a time. Sometimes it will, but other times it will be more abstract, more subjective, more flowy and unpredictable. The art of creativity, in and of itself, can be a form of healing whether or not the “problem” is addressed directly. Some examples of fun, creative writing therapy exercises include:

  • Writing what you need (for your mental health) out as a grocery list
  • Imagine your anxiety as a monster, and write a short story about it
  • Conduct an “interview” with your past and future self – what did/will that look like?
  • Imagine your favorite character from a television show, movie, comic book, etc. – how would they act if they were in the same situations as you? Write all about it.
  • Get a sheet of paper and write out everything that you love, in different colors, texts, and doodles

Another great component about creative writing is that is serves as a gentle distraction to the restless mind. As those thoughts come and go, the act of you doing something (writing) sparks a different thought pattern that helps ward off those negative, unhelpful thoughts. Sometimes you just need to get those creative juices flowing and write, even if you don’t have a plan of what you want to write about.

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