5 Amazing, Healing Benefits of Acupuncture

“Your body is your temple, and you’ve got to take care of it.” – Antonio Brown

Holistic practices such as acupuncture are becoming more integrated into addiction, mental illness, and general wellness centers because of the amazing benefits it produces. Cleansing the toxins from your body, acupuncture helps to restore those energy pathways and promote vitality within your system. In the past, people have used acupuncture for a variety of conditions: back and neck pain, nausea, osteoarthritis, migraines and headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle tension, and much more. If you’re worried about acupuncture being painful, you’re in luck – most people say that it only feels a little uncomfortable at first, but that’s about it!

If you decide you try acupuncture, you can reap these 5 amazing benefits, as emphasized by Live Science:

  • Decreases inflammation and reduced pain – whether from sports, an injury, or an illness such as cancer, acupuncture can help relieve some of that pain by helping the body to release cortisol, a hormone that is known for causing inflammation
  • Assists in nerve regeneration – blood circulation is improved, as acupuncture stimulates nerves and muscles; this type of regeneration can certainly boost your immune system
  • Improves asthma – a 2017 study found that acupuncture can assist those with asthma by improving lung function, the level of control, medication usage, quality of life, exacerbation of symptoms and adverse events
  • Produces extra hormones through the pituitary gland – acupuncture stimulates the pituitary gland, causing secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which jumpstarts your endocrine system
  • Excites biochemical responses in your body – by exciting nerves in the body, acupuncture can increase your energy and, overall, your immune system functioning

Acupuncture is an ancient, traditional Chinese medicine that has become more widely used in the United States as Americans have discovered the healing and restorative benefits of this practice. By stimulating points under the skin, called acupressure points or acupuncture points, qi (which is a traditional term that means “circulating life force”) is released. As qi travels through meridians (the body’s pathways), a person begins to feel better healed. While there are many misconceptions regarding acupuncture, it is a holistic, evidence-based practice that has been shown to help many people find balance in recovery.

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